Given I am passionate about teaching couples how to remain calm during labour & birth, one would assume that I am always calm myself.

When things go to plan life is beautiful; I am totally calm & confident. However, recently things didn’t go to plan and I found myself submerged in a sea of fear; drowning my natural abilities to go with the flow.

So what happened?

Well, Coronavirus happened, the hospital then cancelled all Calmbirth classes and pregnant couples no longer wanted to learn in large groups.

So, I was offered to start teaching online; initially I agreed until I had seen what was involved.

How would I do it without looking incompetent? How would I manage the technical side of the class? I was caught in a tidal wave of thinking.

Then I was reminded about what I teach my couples in my Calmbirth course, and how I want to live my life & what I love about teaching others.

So, I took a calm nurturing, centering breath & took action.

Thinking only kept me in fear, taking action and creating Calmbirth classes via a LIVE, and interactive video conferencing platform, ZOOM, to support couples through these unpredictable waves was in essence my life jacket.

I am not happy the Coronavirus is upon us all, but I am grateful that it has given me the opportunity to once again get me out of my comfort zone, and into my learning zone  – swimming confidently towards my growth zone.

When we swim against the tides it takes more effort & we become tired, however when we go with the flow the tide will take us to where we are meant to go.

I don’t want easy, I just want possible. (Bethany Hamilton)